How to fix Lexmark Printer’s error ‘Wrong or Missing Cartridges’?

When talking about the best printer with cost-efficiency and reliability, hand-to-hand, Lexmark Printer comes among the top list. The products of Lexmark Printer are Printers & multi-function devices, and ink or toner and supplies.

As none of the products assures total error free services in the market. The Lexmark Printer isn’t an exception and the customer may face some common issues like cartridges error-missing, incorrect, and many more. At anytime you can contact Lexmark Printer Support Number, to get your queries and issues solved by the experts.

The possibility of Lexmark Printer error ‘Wrong or Missing cartridges’ displays, if-

  • The wrong Lexmark Printer’s cartridge is installed.
  • The cartridges are installed incorrectly.
  • The cartridges are missing.

Before calling Lexmark Printer Technical Support, to get technical help to solve your issues. Check out the steps below to get instant solution to your issues –

  • If you see an ‘incorrect cartridges’ in Lexmark Printer, then
  1. Check on the Lexmark Printer’s cartridge part number:
  • X3430 printers: #24 or #24A cartridges.
  • X3450/X3470 printers: #1 cartridge.
  • X3480 printers: #2 cartridges.
  1. If the cartridges found incorrect, replace it.
  2. If the issues still bother you then you need to inspect the cartridges of Lexmark Printer and further, Lexmark Printer Assistance to get help regarding the same.
  • If you see ‘missing cartridges’ in Lexmark Printer, then
  1. You need to first install Lexmark Printer cartridges.
  2. If the issue still remains then you need to consult Lexmark Printer Support to get technical support on your issues from the experts.
  • While checking on the Lexmark Printer cartridges     
  1. You need to open the top cover of Lexmark All-In-One Printer.
  2. Go for removing the cartridges.
  3. Close the top cover of the Lexmark Printer.
  4. You need to power off the Lexmark All-In-One Printer and remove the power supply from the back of the unit.
  5. Re-insert Lexmark All-In-One Printer s power supply and insert the unit back on it.

Please note- You need to observe whether the error message reappears- if Yes, skip to ‘Lexmark Printer Customer Support’ to consult about the issues as there is a hardware issue with Lexmark Printer; if No, then move to the step 6.

  1. Clean the cartridges and AIO Carrier contacts.

Follow the correct steps to do so. Move to next step.

  1. You need to power the AIO on, re-insert the Lexmark Printer’s color cartridge and close all the tap cover. Power the Lexmark All-In-One Printer off and then back on.

Please note- Does the error message re-appear- if Yes, power the unit off and try the step 7 with another color cartridges. If the error still remains with the new cartridges, then proceed to ‘Lexmark Printer Phone Number’ section to contact them to get assistance on your issues; if No, a try printing a page. If the page prints out correctly, then the issues solved.

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